OLDHAM CO., Ky. (WHAS11) -- The Oldham County Detention Center is hosting a sleepover and Judge-Executive David Voegele wants you to spend the night.

"A number of people had asked, 'Hey, can we come in there? I'd like to spend the night in there, see what it's like,'" he explained to WHAS11.

He says it's the perfect opportunity for people wondering how their tax money is spent. A donation of $100 to 15 various charities will get you a tour, a night in a jail cell and a souvenir mug shot. The money raised goes directly to the designated charity and not the jail. Adults and children middle school-aged and older are welcome.

"They'd like to see what it's all about, spend some time here but not stay for the long haul," Voegele said.

But, a sleepover is not everyone's idea of a good time. In an open letter to the deputy judge-executive, Carrie Gerard posted on Facebook, "There is nothing "fun" about incarceration and to market the experience to youth as a novelty seems dangerous and ill-advised. I would support an event that gave individuals an opportunity to experience detention just as anyone would who was experiencing it as a law enforcement consequence."

"Everybody has a point of view as to what is and what is not appropriate. I don't think we are making light of people who don't stay within the rules of society," Voegele told WHAS11.

"I think it is a great idea," said Bob Widman. His Ohio Valley Railroad Foundation is one of the charities set to benefit from the jail sleepover. He plans to spend next Friday night inside a jail cell and is encouraging teens and their parents to get involved, too.

"To where they can see what is going on and to get a view of what the inside looks like and then they would go down the right path," Widman said.

Voegele says he hasn't heard one complaint about the idea and affirms this is strictly educational. "It's just an interesting experience to have and I think it satisfies some curiosity on the part of people," Voegele said.

There is a public open house Sunday, January 7th from 1-5pm. To learn more about the January 12th sleepover and the participating charities, click here.