LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A slower change of pace that's a welcome sign for people living near Louisville's William Harrison Park.

"I have been screaming for it because I have done seen too many accidents on this street," said Janice McConico

New speed limit signs are now posted for drivers along Oleanda Avenue. Gone is the dip many homeowners were concerned about and replaced by new asphalt. McConico has lived near the park for 25 years and is pleased with the safety improvements so far.

"Now, they've got 25 and 15. So, they kind of have to break their speed now. When they speed bumps come, it will be even better because that's what we really need," she said.

Metro Council members Mary Woolridge, David James and Marianne Butler spent about $8,600 of their neighborhood development funds to pay for the speed bumps, which are expected to be finished next week.

McConico was pleading for action after a January crash injured five children. William Osborne is charged with DUI after running his truck through the park toppling much of the equipment.

"That day, we were sitting at the window. We heard them come through. By the time we got down there, everything had happened," McConico.

McConico is applauding the efforts from city leaders as she hopes the safety changes prevent another disaster.

"I really don't believe if this hadn't happened we would have gotten anything," she said.