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New Nelson County Sheriff commits to finding answers in Crystal Rogers case

It's a new year and there is new leadership in Nelson County, Ky., which is bringing new hope in finding answers in the Crystal Rogers case.

(WHAS11) -- New year, new leadership and in one small town, new hope. Nelson County is home to four of the area's most high profile, unsolved cases. Now a new sheriff said he will find answers for these families.

Walking through the woods this weekend, Crystal Rogers' family continues to search. The group called Team Crystal is hoping to find any sign of the missing mother of five.

"I have confidence every year that this will be the year. I know it’s going to be four years but I don't ever give up that confidence. And with everything falling into place and happening, I'm going to get those answers one day," Rogers’ mother Sherry Ballard said.

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Now she thinks that day that could be closer than ever before.

"It’s very important, one of the tops things of our agency matter of fact," Ramon Pineiroa, Nelson County Sheriff, said.

Pineroa isn't new to the agency but he said he will bring new life to this case.

"Throughout my campaign, I said we would be looking for somebody else to help us and maybe get a second set of eyes on it. I've communicated with two homicide detectives and we'll be looking to see where that leads us," Pineiroa said.

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The new leader's mission is to find the facts that will lead to an arrest.

As for what happened to Crystal, he said they already know.

"I believe that we have a pretty good idea, just couple missing items and facts but overall, we've got a pretty good idea," Pineiroa said.

So what does that mean for Crystal Rogers' family? For now... more waiting.

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But this is one wait they're willing to accept.

"I would just beg them to please help us bring her home. Help us to give closure that our family needs," Ballard said.

The sheriff said he will meet with Ballard in the coming weeks to discuss the investigation plan in further detail.

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