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Kizito cookies attribute business success amid COVID-19 to customers

Elizabeth Kizito fondly said everybody who doesn’t know my name calls her "cookie lady.”

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — October is the kickoff of National Cookie Month and when you say cookies the first person that comes to mind is Elizabeth Kitizo of Kitizo Cookies. We know her cookies but do you know how she got her start?

The sounds of drums remind her of home, nestled away on Bardstown Road. When you walk in the bakery the aroma of the cookies is in the air. The owner of Kizitos Cookies greets you. She fondly said everybody who doesn’t know my name calls her "cookie lady.”

Even with everything going on you can still see her warm smile behind the mask.

Elizabeth was born in Uganda but shared why she wanted to move to the United States. “I was so fascinated to see the planes through the sky and I was wondering where all the planes were going. My dream was always to come to America.”

Evidentially moving to Louisville with her young family she started the American dream of becoming a business owner.

“I was making cookies and giving to a woman, my friend told me how great my cookies was. So, I gonna try and see if I can sell them.” Kizito said.

In Uganda, her father was a cake and bread baker but when she was introduced to cookies it hit a sweet spot. “When I came to America and had chocolate chip cookies it was like wow. I have to make myself some of those so I can eat as many as I can”. Kizito said.

Even though Covid-19 and the unrest in our city her business continues to move forward and she attributes that to customers wanting to support small and minority businesses.

“What happened to Breonna Taylor that’s brought a lot of business because a lot of people were interested in African goods," Kizito said.

When it comes to having a pandemic in the city, having unrest when it comes to racial inequality what are your feelings on everything right now? How are you feeling? “I’m just so positive like a lot of people in the community," Kizito said.

The Cookie Lady added that education was extremely important and would empower.

You heard her story, I want to hear yours. Send it to me at sshanklin@whas11.com. I’m Sherlene Shanklin for WHAS11 News

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