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Murder victim’s father speaks out about new charges in case

Prosecutors say Joshua Gouker, the student’s step-father, helped his son plan the beating death of 14-year-old Trey Zwicker.

LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) Shocking new details in the case of a murdered Seneca High school student. Prosecutors say Joshua Gouker, the student's step-father, helped his son plan the beating death of 14-year-old Trey Zwicker.

Zwicker's father Terry says, 'It's just like Christmas in July to me.'

More than a year after his son's murder, he was still waiting for justice to be served. He got one step closer Thursday when Gouker was indicted by a grand jury on murder charges.

Josh Young is only 15, but if Gouker is found guilty of murder, Terry Zwicker wants him punished to the fullest extent of the law.

'I want to see somebody go and pay the same price Trey paid,' Terry Zwicker said. 'Whether I'm listed as an evil person, so be it. Because the image that's in my brain from May 11 is what people ain't never going to understand. And I don't want people to understand what that's like, because nobody wants it.

After Trey was found beaten to death with a baseball bat behind Liberty High School, Gouker claimed to know nothing about the murder. Even after his 15-year-old son Josh Young was charged with the murder, he stayed mum. But, Zwicker has long believed Gouker knew more than he was letting on.

'Could I say, I told you a long time ago? Yeah, but I still have the understanding that they had to prove it,' he said.

The indictment is a big step in a long journey that may still be far from over. But, for now, for Terry Zwicker, it's enough. 'This is the life I have to live now. Dealing with what I'm dealing with,' said Zwicker, 'But, at least I can plan in the future that I can move somewhat forward.'

Gouker has been convicted of multiple violent felonies and has had multiple restraining orders taken out against him. He's currently behind bars in Indiana on unrelated charges. He's expected to be back in Jefferson County for his arraignment in the coming days.

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