LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- Video of a grieving mother is making its way around social media.

That mother said her six-year-old daughter died while in the care of Kentucky Child Protective Services.

“This is my baby's last picture and you can tell on this picture that Demiyah was not happy, look at my baby on this picture,” Charity Lewis, the mother, said in the video.

The video has been viewed almost 660,000 times and is approaching 300 shares. During the 35-minute video, Lewis went through various emotions. She was in disbelief, she cried, and she was angry.

Lewis blamed the state's child protective services for killing her six-year old daughter, Demiyah.

In the video, she said the agency took Demiyah and her two other kids away back in September after she brought her daughter to the hospital where she said doctors diagnosed her with heart failure.

Lewis said Demiyah was not well her whole life and was on several medications, but she claims her child wasn't being given her medicine while in foster care.

On July 1, she got the call that Demiyah was dead.

We reached out to Lewis several times to help WHAS11 dig deeper into this story, but so far she hasn't gotten back to us.

The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services wouldn't say that Demiyah died in foster care, but the agency did confirm that a child did die.

Meanwhile, on Lewis's Facebook page, you can link to a GoFundMe drive which includes a narrative of what she says happened to Demiyah, at last check more than $2000 have been raised to help pay for the funeral and an attorney.

“They told me my baby had a pulse and when the ambulance came and they run to the doctor, Demiyah passed away, my baby was suffering and I told them she was suffering every day, it did not feel right,” Lewis said.

“I just want my baby's voice to be heard, I want justice for my baby because I know for a fact they were mistreating her, and they let my baby suffer, they let her suffer,” Lewis said.

Again, child protective services confirmed that "a" child recently died in foster care.

The agency's statement called it tragic and that they are continuing to gather facts in the case, but legally can't provide specifics on what happened.

They want to assure the public and the child's family that they will use professionalism and the utmost care investigating the child's death while they also grieve and mourn the loss.

In the meantime, WHAS has requested the personnel file of the case worker in charge of Demiyah's case, as well as a death report once completed.

The Jefferson County Coroner’s Office said they have no record of Demiyah being there, suggesting that she likely died of natural causes since the hospital did not send over her body.