JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WHAS11) -- Facing 26 counts of sexual molestation, Michael Begin is expected to be mentally evaluated by at least two doctors who will determine whether the Jeffersonville teenager understands the charges and the case against him.

His defense attorney filed an amended motion requesting Begin undergo tests to "determine if a mental disease or defect exists" that could impede her ability to defend him.

"I've said from the beginning that it's important to have this matter resolved and to have him convicted as soon as possible for the sake of the victims in this case," said Clark County prosecutor Jeremy Mull.

Mull believes Begin is competent and is planning to continue with a trial set for August. "The important thing on this case is that the trial date remains on August 21st. There has not been any delay in that trial date and I will object to any continuances of that trial," he told WHAS11.

Begin's defense attorney didn't talk to us on camera but maintains Begin's innocence. Begin was first charged last year with molesting 19 children all under the age of seven while working in childcare at the YMCA in Jeffersonville and as a teaching assistant at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School.

His attorney, and Mull, couldn't tell us the type of tests doctors will perform, but Mull hopes it doesn't interfere with the August trial.

Begin is also named in at least six civil cases. Karl Truman, who represents three families of the alleged victims, told WHAS11 he wants to see those cases proceed.

"My clients want justice on both sides of the house. Number one, they want to hold Mr. Begin criminally responsible for his conduct. Number two, to hold the YMCA and the Greater Clark County Schools for their conduct," Truman said.

It's unknown how long the mental tests will take. If Begin is found to be incompetent, Mull says Begin will be remanded to the custody of the state mental health services department and will be involuntarily committed indefinitely. While there, Begin will attempt to have his competency restored. Once that occurs, he will be brought back for a trial.

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