LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Thursday, August 18 started as a normal day on the job for Metro Parks and Recreation workers' Ricky Duncan and Bryan Haynes.

"Clean up the park, pick up paper, deliver picnic tables, clean grills," said Duncan.

After cleaning up Champions Park, the pair were driving back to the shop for lunch when they were flagged down.

"Kept yelling that he's under the car, he's under the car is all I heard, he's under the car," Haynes said.

"He was changing a flat tire and he was stuck. His foot was stuck up under the front wheel," Duncan said.

Duncan and Haynes were able to lift the car off the man, Ronnie Jandt, possibly saving his leg.

"We just, the adrenaline just kicked in we lifted up the car," Duncan said.

"So we got the front of the car it was the front driver side and just picked it right up, first two times nothing, then the third time was the charm, picked it right up and he slid right out 5:45 it amazed me because as soon as he got out he hopped right up, stood up," Haynes said.

Jandt tracked the two down to thank them. A photo of the reunion was published in the Metro Parks and Recreation September Newsletter.

"He called 311, then 311 tracked us back to Metro Parks, once he wrote us a letter of thank you and said he was really grateful and his hero and that kind of like, that touched me when he said that," Duncan said.

"He actually came to the shop and he gave us, me and Ricky he gave us a card and he was so thankful he considered us his guardian angels and his heroes. We kept telling him no we don't consider ourselves heroes but if we was in that like predicament and somebody was riding by, we would hope somebody would help us too," Haynes said.

Jandt said that he feels so grateful and blessed for Haynes and Duncan helping him that day. He said a doctor told him had he been pinned even a few more minutes, he could have lost the leg or had kidney damage.