LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Thursday evening action by the Louisville Metro Council will jump start an investigation into allegations made against TARC's former director. The council approved resolutions that will initiate an investigation and allow them to retain the services of an attorney.

The Council’s Government Oversight and Audit Committee will begin an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct.

Recent allegations have surfaced and led to the resignation of TARC’s Executive Director Ferdinand Risco. 

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The Mayor’s Office named civic leaders Laura Douglas and Margaret Handmaker as interim co-executive directors until a permanent replacement is named.

“With sexual harassment charges made against the former director, the Metro Council believes it must use its powers to find out what went on and when was it reported” said Council President David James. “We want to make sure all government employees work in a safe and harassment free environment. I want to thank the administration for reaching out to offer assistance and cooperation in these matters.”


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