LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Louisville Metro Public Works is preparing for the winter weather heading into the weekend. 

Harold Adams, with Metro Public Works, said, “The snow team is approximately 265 people and half of those will be on duty tonight around 10 pm. They will come in, they will load their trucks with salt and then stage at the top of their routes as we wait to see what happens and put them into action."

The teams first treated the roads Thursday night and will start working the roads again overnight Friday. 

On a state level, the state transportation cabinet said their crews have also been busy pre-treating roads with salt-brine. They will be removing snow based on a priority system, meaning interstates and other major roads will be cleared first.

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As for snow treatment resources, Louisville is more than prepared. Officials said they ordered salt early on in the season and have not had to use it yet. 

"We are well prepared for whatever we have to deal with tonight,” Adams said. 

Officials recommend you drive slowly and carefully if out on the roads tomorrow.