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'I'm nobody, I'm just a little old granny bus driver' | GoFundMe for former Ohio bus driver that went viral raises more than $108,000

Jackie Miller resigned from her job as a school bus driver while gaining national support after a viral video showed her shouting at students.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The video of former Amherst bus driver Jackie Miller shouting at students after she said she was fed up with a group of disrespectful kids went viral and captured national attention.

Now, the GoFundMe campaign started on her behalf has raised more than $108,000 as of Tuesday night.

"I'm nobody, I'm just a little old granny bus driver and these people doing this for me is amazing," Miller said.

Jeff Grob from Vermilion created the fundraiser. The two were strangers at the time.

"We've had some problems on our bus with our own little kids who are 7 and 8, so I just saw this as an opportunity to bring light to the bigger problem," Grob said. "We’re small communities, but we’re strong communities and we stick together."

Many supporters that have donated to her cause said they understood her frustration and would have done the same.

"Every day you see horrible things and something like this happens, and it just restores your faith that there are so many wonderful people out there," Miller said.

Mistakes on the Lake Apparel Company in Vermilion created a shirt in her honor. The owner, Jacqui Adkins, told 3News' Bri Buckley they have sold more than 5,000 T-shirts so far with $5 from each sale going back to Miller.

But not everyone agrees with Miller's choice words and behavior. Marie Marie commented on WKYC's Facebook post: "Glad this completely unfit medically and mentally person is no longer employed by that district and should no longer be allowed around any children as she presents an emotionally irrational exhibition of behavior." 

On Twitter, David DeBalko said, "She should retire. Asap. Or be fired asap. One cannot expect kids to "know" your asthma triggers are. Video was violent attack on kids. Fire this woman!"

Miller said she understands why people are upset.

"Oh, I don't agree with the language I used either. I really do regret that, but like I said before, I won't take a word of that back," Miller said. "There are people out there that are angry, and I understand if the shoe were on the other foot I would be, too, until I found out exactly what had happened."

She told 3News she's hopeful a different message will resonate from the whole incident that will continue to spark dialogue for meaningful change.

"I hope, I pray that that's the message," Miller said. "That parents will stand up and say, 'OK. This has to stop, I have to change the way I'm working with my kids and teach them something different, teach them how to respect, give them this moral compass so they can become responsible adults.'" 

Miller said she plans to save majority of the funds for her retirement and will use some of the money to travel with her husband. 

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