LOUISVILLE, KY -- From food to clothing, and even money local groups are ready and willing to help those affected by Harvey.

Local groups are stepping up across the area showing that Kentuckiana cares about our brothers and sisters in the Lone Star State.

Since 1995, Laurie Kraus and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance have been there when disaster strikes to lend more than just a helping hand.

"Money allows the affected community to bring resources to bear where they know they need them,” Kraus said.

Utilizing their vast network of resources, Kraus has teams heading to Texas as we speak to help those hurt by Harvey.

"We're hoping they can go in Friday,” Kraus said. “It looks like Houston is still going to be unfolding. We're in constant communication with the leadership there, and as soon as they're ready to receive us, a second team of four will go in."

But the Presbyterian Church isn't the only group locally answering the call for help.

"Kelvin Sampson, through Twitter, issued a call to all basketball teams: high school, college, division 1, division 2, division 3, JUCO, anybody,” said Bellarmine University basketball coach Scotty Davenport. “We jumped on it immediately with shirts, with gear, with shoes."

While Scotty Davenport and his team aren't physically able to be in Texas he's using this goodwill mission as a teaching tool.

"Study the news, and watch the attitude of those affected,” Davenport said. “You've got people sleeping at their workplaces, you've got people going around the clock. Nobody is angry, and they're not mad. They're all about helping others."

As rescue efforts pour into flooded areas, Davenport says these lessons taught by Harvey are something we all can learn from long after the water recedes.

"This country who now can come together to rally behind that entire area of our country, not just Houston, and let’s take it far beyond that,” Davenport said. “Let’s continue to help others from one coast to the others."

Companywide TEGNA and WHAS are here to help those displaced by Harvey.