LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – WHAS11 News has learned the police officer under investigation for a fatal August shooting is now subject of a new investigation.

The investigation stems from a video shot on a basketball court in Victory Park located in the California neighborhood.

It shows Officer Beau Gadegaard and another officer interacting with the kids but it’s unclear why the officers are there. The officer goes through a pair of pants belonging to one of the kids.

Gadegaard is under investigation for the fatal shooting of Darnell Wicker. Police say Wicker had a tree saw on him when Gadegaard fired.

The video was shot in Victory Park months before Wicker was killed and now Louisville Metro Police have confirmed they have started an investigation into the incident.

“We didn’t do nothing illegal. We didn’t do nothing wrong. I don’t understand and the whole time they was up there, they couldn’t come up with a reason for why they was up there,” Robert Lechman said.

Robert, a 19-year-old, was in the park and recorded the incident on his phone.

“It shouldn’t even have to be like that. Why I got to record the police every movement to make sure I’m safe? That’s a problem,” Robert said.

Lechman has had past issues with the law but says he and the kids were all at the court just playing basketball.

Residents who live in the neighborhood have raised concern over police treatment recently.

Police say crime is down in the area and they’ve been enforcing the law.

WHAS11 News was not able to talk to Officer Gadegaard about the incident. He has been with the department since 2014.