LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The murder of 7-year-old DeQuante Hobbs has shaken the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Monday, Governor Matt Bevin announced via Facebook that he would release details into a plan to stem the tide of violence in Louisville which is on pace for another record year when it comes to murders.

His intentions, he said, would be released sometime next week during a news conference.

Many in Louisville have questioned what the Governor is planning. His office has declined our requests for an interview instead insisting they’ll alert us to a news conference next week.

Mayor Greg Fischer said he has not been contacted by the Governor’s office, other community leaders we’ve spoken to have said the same.

Forty-first District State Representative Attica Scott says she has not been contacted by the governor either. The freshman Democratic lawmaker represents the district in which Dequante Hobbs was killed. Her political ideologies differ greatly from that of the Governor although she insists she'd gladly work with him on a solution. But Representative Scott questions Governor Bevin’s motives and the message she saw on Facebook.

"There's so much more that needs to be done, you know. I did watch the video from the Governor and, quite frankly, his rhetoric which really borders on racist rhetoric and religious fundamentalism is not going to connect to the people that I serve,” Rep. Scott said.

Anywhere across District 41, it's going to take all of us working together to create healthier and safer neighborhoods and his legislature did nothing to address employment or income issues in West Louisville. It did nothing to allow us to have stricter gun laws in Louisville so I'm not confident we have the political will to address this issue.”

When asked what she heard that she considered “borderline racist rhetoric” or “religious fundamentalism”, she pointed to a line in the Governor’s video in which he said, “this is a cultural problem, it is a community problem, it's a spiritual problem, it's an economic problem.”
"I mean, this is a cultural issue and it's a spiritual issue? Really? Is that what it is? No. It's more than that and if you talk about it being a cultural issue then you better specify what you mean by that especially when you keep talking about the murder rate in Louisville,” Rep. Scott said.

You can see the Governor's full video statement here: