LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Politicians have responded to Governor Matt Bevin’s apology, hours after it was posted on social media Sunday.

Bevin took to social media after nationwide backlash for saying children were being sexually abused while being left alone as teachers rallied in Frankfort to urge lawmakers to override his vetoes of an operating budget. The budget included increased spending for public education with the help of an accompanying tax increase.

Bevin said in the video that many misunderstood his words.

“Clearly a tremendous amount of people did not fully appreciate what it was that I was communicating and I hurt a lot of people – that’s my responsibility and I apologize for those who had been hurt by the things that were said was not my intent whatsoever."

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His colleagues in Frankfort responded, some with sarcasm.

Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes said via Twitter, “Actual translation: Meant what I said. Could have said it better. Sorry, not sorry.”

Republican Senator Whitney Westerfield thanked the governor saying, “Thank you, for making a public apology, taking responsibility for your words and recognizing the fear and hurt experienced by educators understandably worries about the future. You are quite right – we all need each other.”

Versailles Democratic Rep. James Kay said sarcastically, “Hey, everyone, we got it cleared up. The governor is sorry you misunderstood him. He was right, you were wrong but if that hurt your feelings, he’s sorry.”

The GOP-led state House approved a pair of resolutions condemning Bevin’s comments Saturday.