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'She's teaching students to use their voice.' Teachers rally in support of principal arrested during Breonna Taylor protest

Knight Middle School principal, Dr. Jeronda Majors took part in a Breonna Taylor protest July, 14 outside of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron's home.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Teachers and community members held a rally Tuesday to show support for a JCPS principal who was one of 87 protesters arrested last week.

Principal at Knight Middle School, Dr. Jeronda Majors, took part in a demonstration July, 14 outside of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron's home.

"I wanted to speak out against the murder of Breonna Taylor and to speak out against all the oppressive systems," Majors said. 

Majors called the arrest 'good trouble' a notion about fighting racial and systemic oppressions echoed by the late Civil Rights icon Congressman John Lewis.

"Black girl magic! I'm so proud of her," Majors's brother Adrian Baker said. "She has been intentional on making sure that she impacts everyone."

The rally that took place outside of JCPS Van Hoose Center was to thank Majors for setting an example.

"We were seeing a lot of negativity on social media so we just wanted to show her that her staff supports her," organizers of the rally and teachers at Knight Middle School Justin Newby and Angela Winsatt said. "We just have to remember that JCPS is one of the most diverse districts here in the state and Dr. Majors represents a lot of our students. We just want them to see that it's okay if you have to get out and stand up for things that you believe in."

Newby said Majors is teaching students to stand up for what they believe in.

"She’s teaching [students] to use their voice and it’s their voice for Black Lives Matter, the environment, women’s rights whatever it may be she is setting the example for them," Newby said.

The principal said she challenges everyone to do their part.

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"The world is watching Louisville, Kentucky believe it or not and they're looking to see if we will do the right thing," Majors said. "You do not have to be in the streets, you do not have to be arrested, but wherever you are please make sure you speak up, that you disrupt, that you dismantle the oppressive systems wherever they are."

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