SCOTTSBURG, Ind. — Sometimes a simple act can speak volumes. It can also start an important conversation.

A group of employees from a paving company stopped their work to honor a funeral procession in Scottsburg, Indiana on July 9. A photo of the group was posted on Facebook and has been shared over 2,400 times.

“Hats off to these guys. Job well done!” Tyler Goodpaster said in the post. Several people commented on the post, remarking how respectful the men were when they stopped their work.

The moment has sparked a conversation on how to act when you come upon a funeral procession, specifically if you’re on the road. We spoke to Carl Ratterman from Ratterman and Sons in St. Matthews and he provided some tips on proper funeral procession etiquette.

  • Once the lead car of the procession has entered traffic, such as going through an intersection, the entire procession will follow without interruption – even if you have a green light.
  • The last car in the procession typically has two or more flags and flashing hazard lights. Once it passes, you can get back into the normal flow of traffic.
  • Do not try to join the procession or cut into it.
  • Don’t pass the procession from the right, unless it’s in the far left lane.
  • Do not stop or pull over on the interstate. If you’re on a secondary road, you can pull over if it’s safe to do so, but it’s not a requirement.

Ratterman’s primary tip is to just be respectful. Cars in a funeral procession generally don’t go more than 45 mph because of the magnetic flags. Honking your horn or revving your engine because you’re impatient isn’t going to make the procession go any faster.

“One of these days, you’re going to be in a funeral procession. One of these days, you’ll want somebody to show you and your family some respect,” he said.

Ratterman also said that moments like the one in Scottsburg aren’t uncommon, but they are appreciated.

“We will see them stop work, the hard hat comes off and stand at attention, and show some sign of respect.”

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