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Judge accepts Josh Gouker plea in death of Trey Zwicker

New details have emerged in the case against Joshua Gouker and Joshua Young in the murder of Trey Zwicker and now Gouker has confessed to that murder.
Credit: WHAS

LOUISVILLE, K -- A Jefferson County judge has accepted an open guilty plea from Josh Gouker, the man who is charged with murdering his stepson, Trey Zwicker.

This happened a day before the two year anniversary of his stepson's body being discovered behind Liberty High School in Louisville.

Gouker made the plea against the advice of his own attorney and prosecution said they had nothing to do with it.

Gouker confessed to killing his stepson after smoking marijuana and fighting over a cigarette lighter.

Gouker says he just 'lost it' and beat him with a metal pipe, not a bat, as first thought.

A gruesome tale of what Josh Gouker says happened on May 11, 2011.

'I just snapped. I hit him, he went down and I stepped on his hand. I pulled the bar in his hand and I hit him and before I knew it, it was over,' said Gouker in court.

Gouker showed no remorse.

The only tear drop was the one tattooed on his face as he claimed he killed his stepson, Trey, 14 at the time of the murder.

Gouker said, 'He asked for a cigarette, I gave him one. He pulled my lighter out of his pocket and I don't want to argue with him and **** for stealing from me and I don't say nothing.'

Gouker told a judge it happened following a round of video games. Gouker also admitted he smoked pot with Trey on a back patio.

'I fired up the blunt plus I know if he gets high it's really going to scare him,' said Gouker.

Things quickly turned violent.

Gouker told the court he beat Trey to death behind Liberty High School.

Judge Barry Willett says 'The item that you struck him in the head with was what? A pipe?'

Gouker: 'Yes.'

Judge Willett: 'What kind of pipe?'

Gouker: 'It was down there in the ditch, a metal pipe.'

Judge Willett: 'What did you do with it?'

Gouker: 'I rinsed it off down there and brought it back with me. Took it and the clothes I had on. I had a million Kroger bags and put my clothes in it.'

Gouker then admitted hiding the murder weapon and bloody clothes behind a Mexican restaurant.

With that he waived his rights to a jury trial and made an open guilty plea and now faces the possibility of life in prison without parole for murder and other serious charges.

Despite Gouker's plea, fis teenage son, Josh Young, must still face a murder trial.

Zwicker's family was in court, but they did not speak on camera.

His father says he doesn't know what to make of this open guilty plea and he is not sure whether to believe Gouker's confession. Gouker will be sentenced in July.

WHAS 11 will have an interview with Zwicker's dad at 4:00 and 6:00 today.

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