LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – A group of community leaders today said women and people of color have more power than ever to impact the upcoming elections.

Joy-Ann Reid, a talk show host on MSNBC, said that while black voters seem to be backing one candidate, their party sometimes takes them for granted.

Today about 250 people gathered to hear her speak about the state of race in this election cycle. And while she dissected why she expects most African-American voters back Hillary Clinton, she warned Democrats not to assume that will always be the case.

"We are in a country now where the veto over who becomes president of the United States is held by women and people of color,” Reid said.

The Links Incorporated invited Reid to offer insight into what is driving voters this election cycle.

Many at the event were community leaders and elected officials, and some, no doubt, have heard the warnings by even those in the Kentucky Democratic Party that the GOP is gaining momentum in Commonwealth elections.

Reid focused on the race for president as she made the case that voters have a much larger role than ever in impacting local elections.

“We have this incredible power, we have this veto power. Please use it wisely and use it in every single election,” Reid said.

There was a moment of laughter after her speech when Reid was given a Kentucky Colonel designation by Governor Matt Bevin.

The crowd chuckled, as did Reid, who said she was honored to receive the award especially considering that it was once bestowed upon Muhammad Ali.