LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Safety was on the mind of many JCPS students Tuesday night.

"Right now is the right time to come together and brainstorm ideas so we can continue working toward real solutions," one student said to board members.

From metal detectors to bulletproof glass, to K9s, board members heard various ideas to help solve some security flaws students and parents say the district faces.

"Elected members of the board and Dr. Pollio, we can no longer accept lack of the funding as the excuse why drastic and immediate changes have not occurred," parent Cheryl Ades said.

Following the school shooting in South Florida earlier this month, Ades says she and her daughter felt compelled to speak about the improvements they believe the district can make to better protect students and teachers. "Those students, the incredible intelligence and bravery of those students, made me think this is a mere fraction of what we could do," she told WHAS11.

Superintendent Doctor Marty Pollio had a message of his own - to state lawmakers. "I want to lend my voice to encouraging legislators to increasing funding for safety and security measures throughout our school. I think we can do that with significant funding," he said.

Dr. Pollio also wants to see more resources for hiring and retaining mental health counselors.

Whatever decisions are made, the students are hopeful their elected leaders continue to put their safety first. "Students and teachers want answers and we want to see immediate change," another student added.