CLARK CO., Ind. (WHAS11) -- Likening it to a divorce, West Clark Community Schools board member Doug Coffman and his fellow board members appear to want to steer the district in a new direction that does not include the huge Silver Creek campus, which includes an elementary, middle and high school.

"What I am advocating is that West Clark stays intact. It would be Borden and Henryville and Silver Creek will form its own corporation," Coffman said.

It's the first fallout from the bitter and failed vote on a referendum - the $95 million proposal to repair schools. The referendum would have increased property taxes that would have funded the projects. Seventy percent of the voters turned it down, including Don Guthrie.

"It made us the laughing stock while this was going on. But, I think somewhat of an overzealous board," Guthrie told WHAS11.

$64 million of the $95 million would have gone to improving Silver Creek schools, an unfair distribution for the 'no' voters. Now, the district is looking to separate itself from Silver Creek, allowing it to become its own entity and raise its own money.

"T's need to be crossed and I's need to be dotted to get this going and that's going to be a bit time consuming," Coffman said.

The school board would still need to formally vote on the process. The Indiana Board of Education would also need to approve the district's changes.

If it does pass, those who live within Silver Creek could make their own decisions about how to pay for school improvements without Borden and Henryville being involved.