CHARLESTOWN, Ind. (WHAS11) -- Tom Childers has a binder of rejections--which he said are from southern Indiana apartment complexes who denied his application.

"I'm going to say at least 27. It's heartbreaking," Childers said.He has two weeks to move out of his Pleasant Ridge

home, but he said the process to find something compatible has been anything but pleasant.

"The depression is worse than cancer, you know? That's the way I feel a lot of times," he said.

His rental is one of dozens of properties that were sold to a developer and given a March 31 move out date. As a renter, he may not have much legal protection, but an attorney for the homeowners who filed a lawsuit in February says he's fighting to keep them from being forced out as well.

"The mood of the people who are having to leave their homes is understandably very grim," said Anthony Sanders.
Sanders works for the Institute for Justice, the group spearheading the effort to block any re-development plans and code enforcement fines imposed by the city.

"People are leaving their homes with no idea as to where they are going to end up. It's almost like it may turn into something like a Hooverville," he said.

The city's attorney didn't want to go on camera, but did confirm the developer set a March 31 deadline for several renters. Childers has custody of his two grandkids and fears if he can't find a new home, the state would take them away.

"It's like swallowing a boulder. It's something I can't get over yet," Childers said.