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The property tax deductions you might be forgetting

Property tax deductions reduce your home's assessed value. The more deductions, the less you pay in taxes.

INDIANAPOLIS — If you own property, now is a good time to make sure you are signed up for all of the eligible property tax deductions.    

It's also a good time to check in with family members and friends about their tax breaks.

Harry Haskett, who has lived in his Indianapolis house for 44 years, is one of the people thankful that someone asked about his property taxes.

"The street out here used to be a cobblestone street," said Haskett, who has stayed in the house because he loves the south side location. "It's safe, and we never had no trouble around here."

While Haskett knows his property well, his property tax deductions are a different story.  

Just this year, the 81-year-old learned he might be able to qualify for the over 65 tax deduction from his tax preparer.

"It made me feel really, really great," Haskett smiled. "I mean, for somebody to ask you, 'Hey, have you heard about this?'"

Property tax deductions reduce your home's assessed value. The more deductions, the less you pay in taxes.

The over 65 deduction is for people who have a combined adjusted gross income of $40,000 or less, and their assessed property value is up to $200,000.

The over 65 deduction can be combined with the homestead deduction

Drew Carlson, with the Marion County Auditor's Office, said you may only have one homestead deduction in the country.

"The homestead deduction is the most valuable deduction an Indiana taxpayer can have in Indiana," Carlson said. 

Other property deductions include the blind and disabled person's deductions and the disabled veteran deduction

"If a disabled veteran owns a rental property, he or she can ask for the deduction to be applied to that property, and that can be very helpful," Carlson said. 

If you're unsure what deductions can be combined, Carlson said to call your county auditor's office.

"We'll help them choose the deduction that is most valuable to them," Carlson said.

Green tax deductions include geothermal device deduction, hydroelectric device deduction, solar power deduction and wind power deduction.

Keep in mind that if you sign up for a deduction right now, the savings will not kick in until next tax season.

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