The city of New Albany is set to break ground on a new dog park on the site of the Cannon Acres Sports Complex, but a group of residents say that doing so would desecrate a historic Native American site.

New Albany resident Tony Nava says he has an archeological survey report from 2005 that lists 3 areas on the land to have Mississippian Indian historical significance.

“The state of Indiana has designated this an archeological site of significance according to their reports," Nava said. "The city of New Albany has done a phase one and phase two of the site and they have found the site contains artifacts that could be older or up to 6000 years old.”

The current dog park is set to be built on part of one of these areas but the city of New Albany sent WHAS11 an email from the Indiana Department of Natural resources from 2014.

The email says that one of the three sites was determined not eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, but the other two sites should be avoided of any "ground-disturbing activities."

“The two areas that are designated to stay away from are considered to be significant. Those areas currently have fences that have been put in place and around those sites.” Said Lawrence J. Timperman of Michell Timperman Ritz Architects.

Tony Nava says there is a ceremonial platform on the site of the planned dog park and that a dog park would desecrate the land.

“People wouldn’t want If we wanted to walk our dogs say at Stonehenge or the Vatican or a church or some place that is special or sacred to other belief or cultures so why are native American citizens second-hand citizens when we were the first people, the first nation here. “

Timperman said that he did feel it would be appropriate in the future to set up markers to show the public that the two areas did have archeological, historical significance.