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Child entrepreneur launches business while e-learning

'Glittercorn by Ry' is the bath and body brainchild of Rylan Brown, who has eczema.

INDIANAPOLIS — While schools were closed during the quarantine in 2020, Rylan Brown was starting her empire.

"Glittercorn by Ry is a bath and beauty business for kids. It makes your skin smooth, but the products are for kids so you don’t have to use your parents' stuff," said the 9-year-old.

After pouring out her mom's sugar scrub in the tub, having bath and body products just for her became essential.

"It started when I was playing with her sugar scrubs in the bathtub and I accidently poured out a whole jar," Brown said.

Yes, she was playing but she also liked how the scrubs felt because she has eczema.

"Usually, I start itching really bad and I start scratching it, and if I scratch too hard it will bleed," Brown said.

The addition of hand sanitizer that came with the coronavirus pandemic has been unusually harsh on her skin.

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"I need something gentle that will help me stop scratching," she said.

Brown said her products are all natural and made from essential oils and aloe, and that they have helped.

She calls the individual soaps unicorn poop. All the products — from lip gloss to bath bubbles and body butter and scrubs — are Glittercorn-themed.

What is Glittercorn?

"It's a unicorn and it's glitter," Brown said.

Brown decided to sell them because she thought other people with eczema might benefit.

"I thought it about it — other people might have it too, so started selling it and packaging it," Brown said.

She said her favorite part of being an entrepreneur is helping people. Brown said everyone should follow their dreams because "dreams come true."

Glittercorn by Ry is currently looking for investors and will have a booth at the SHE event in April at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. For now, it can be ordered online as well.

As always, consult a doctor before using any products to treat skin conditions.

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