INDIANAPOLIS — An Indiana judge will hear evidence against Wildlife in Need, in a preliminary injunction hearing at the end of February.

A Marion County Superior Court clerk confirms the judge has set a preliminary injunction hearing for Friday February 28 at 1:30 p.m. in Indianapolis.

The hearing comes at the request of the Indiana Attorney General who filed a lawsuit against Wildlife in Need, just five days after our FOCUS investigation exposed years of abuse and neglect on the property.

The court documents detail deplorable living conditions, animal hoarding, animal trafficking, and allegations of abuse.

If the preliminary injunction is granted, the order will require Wildlife In Need, Stark to:

  • provide adequate and proper care to all animals on the property
  • not remove or transfer any animals from the property
  • allow a welfare expert of the State’s choosing to inspect the property
  • allow expedited inspection of all documents

The court documents say the State believes Stark will continue to abuse and dispose of animals and misappropriate assets if a preliminary injunction is not entered.

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