In any emergency, minutes matter and knowing CPR can potentially save a life. For those who are not trained, a smartphone app called PulsePoint could be the solution.

PulsePoint ultimately points people towards an emergency in the area, so those who are trained can provide CPR while the ambulance heads that way.

“You'll actually get an alarm on your phone that will say cardiac arrest in your vicinity, do you want to respond, yes or no,” said Dr. Eric Yazel, the Clark County Health Official.

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“We have had instances in our neighborhood where a heart attack has occurred, and I did not know but I was three doors down the street, and I could have been one of the ones that helped until EMS or the fire department got there,” said Judy Steedly, who downloaded the app on Wednesday.

It can sometimes take up to 20 minutes for EMS to get to the more rural spots in Southern Indiana.

“There is an 8-12% survival rate of 'out of hospital' cardiac arrests, that's pretty dismal stats and of all the things we do, these numbers aren't changing a whole lot,” explained Dr. Yazel.

He told WHAS 11 News that apps like pulse point have been able to double, even triple those survival rates across the country.

“When I heard the possibility of this app coming to Clark County, that right there was just amazing,” said Clarksville Fire Chief, Brandon Skaggs.

Chief Skaggs was seven-years-old when his grandfather died from cardiac arrest. He was the only one home and said there was no 911 service available.

“I was in a panicked state. I didn't know help was even coming.”

Chief Skaggs believes this app will be the difference for the next seven-year-old, turning a traumatic experience into a life-saving one.

The app is free to download, and users should select an area, like Clark County. It will send an alert if there is need for CPR within a mile of the user’s location.

PulsePoint also offers an app for AED locations:

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