LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Parents fed up with school conditions.

“There's mold, there's bugs, not enough classrooms, not enough seats...it has to be addressed. It has to be resolved,” Angela Beaver, whose kids attend Silver Creek High School, said.

But taxpayers weren't budging.

“That's been the whole issue in just one word – price tag,” Mike Missi, a taxpayer said.

The 'no' votes more than doubled the 'yes' votes, shooting down a $95 million referendum for West Clark Community Schools. The superintendent was dejected.

“Knowing that we're disappointed, knowing that we thought we had a good project that was going to propel the district well into the future, obviously there's decisions that need to be made,” Chad Schenck, superintendent, said.

A major issue for many voters was the money allocation. $64 million would have been used to renovate West Clark's largest high school, Silver Creek. Long-time residents say there has always been a divide between people who live in Silver Creek and those who live in Henryville and Borden and this vote could increase the tension.

“I'm happy for the outcome of the vote. I'm not happy for what this did about maybe putting a wedge further between Silver Creek and the board and the Henryville communities because that's not what we want,” Rick Belcher, voted ‘no’, said.

The school board will now have to decide what to do next, which could mean doing nothing or making necessary improvements $5 million at a time.