LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Despite freezing cold temperatures, Charlestown residents came bundled up and ready to fight back.

“It's backyard shady tactics,” Josh Craven, Pleasant Ridge Neighborhood Association president, said.

Minutes before the City Council meeting, Charlestown residents wanted their local officials to know they're not happy. They say a councilperson resigned and a new one was appointed just in time to vote on two key issues.

“Nothing surprises me anymore with this government we have here,” Craven said.

The council passed two ordinances. One changes the property maintenance code. Residents say if there's a violation at the home, they will immediately be fined between $55 to $1500 without a chance to fix the problem. The other ordinance allocates $144,000 to pay for the city's recent lawyer fees. Much of that cost related to the ongoing fight over Charlestown’s effort to clear out homes for a new housing development in Pleasant Ridge.

“The group that's here has protested everything we've done and the lack of transparency is always used if they don't get their way,” said Mayor Bob Hall.

But the protesters at this meeting say it's not about the policies, they want to be heard.

“We weren't even allowed as citizens to have a voice. Because in order to make public comment at these meetings, we have to sign up by Thursday night and the agenda doesn't come out until Friday,” a Charlestown resident said.

Which is why these residents say whether they do it silently or with a megaphone they will make sure they're heard.