(WHAS11) -- Do new documents prove he's not a Hoosier? Has her party lost faith in her chances of winning? Questions and allegations swirling in a whirlwind final stretch to Election Day in Indiana’s 9th Congressional District.

Democrat Shelli Yoder claims Trey Hollingsworth falsified documents which would be a potential misdemeanor.

Hollingsworth’s campaign is calling it a “corrected clerical mistake,” but they too are leveling allegations against Yoder's Democratic Party who admits to paying for a new mailer urging voters to cast their ballot for neither one of these two candidates.

This week an Associated Press report revealed that, for business reasons, Hollingsworth signed documents claiming he lived in at least five states outside of Indiana.

The Democrat, Yoder, stood on the banks of the Ohio River declaring her opponent had broken the law.

“It is clear that Trey Hollingsworth is willing to do anything to get elected,” Yoder said. “Now we know he's committing a crime defrauding the public by falsifying documents.”

It plays into her campaign strategy which is the same as that used by Hollingsworth's Republican primary opponents.

Hollingsworth’s Senior Advisor, Rob Burgess, denied the allegations.

“First off, Trey didn't break the law,” Burgess said. “It was a simple clerical mistake that happened and they've already rectified it with the states. Second off, it's a free country and I'm glad that Trey has decided to make his home here in Indiana. He's been a Hoosier for the last 18 months, he's going to continue to be a Hoosier for the indefinite future and we look forward to him representing the 9th District."

Burgess downplayed the discovery then leveled his own accusations.

He shared pictures of mailers that recently began circulating in the 9th District.

A spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party confirmed that the mailers were paid for by the Indiana Democratic Party.

They compare Hollingsworth with the Libertarian Candidate, Russell Brooksbank, and suggest that conservatives vote for the "Indiana Native.”

Drew Anderson, Communications Director for the Democrats released this statement:

“Hoosiers know Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth as an out-of-state carpetbagger who won’t release his tax returns, didn’t pay his property taxes, and claims to ‘understand Hoosiers’ because he ‘employs them’ – all while refusing to even name his favorite Hoosier or place in Indiana’s Ninth District. Hoosiers deserve to know that Tennessee Trey is using dark money to try to buy his way to Congress and has no place representing hardworking families.”

But Anderson did not directly respond to our question about why his party would send out advertisements urging voters to select anyone in the race besides Shelli Yoder.

Anderson also did not directly respond to our questions concerning how many of these mailers were sent to Hoosier voters.