Jonathan Wahl

Jonathan moved to Louisville in May of 2016 to take a job as a reporter with WHAS 11 News. Shortly after he and his wife bought a home in West Louisville. They soon realized how divided the city of Louisville was. On a day-to-day basis, they experienced misperceptions from people who very seldom crossed 9th Street. Jonathan and his wife were quickly welcomed into their neighborhood. They saw that so many of the people who lived in the West End were misunderstood and felt like they didn’t have a voice. That’s when Jonathan decided to use his platform as a journalist to tell the stories of his neighbors and the people who make West Louisville an amazing place to live.

Renee Murphy

Renee joined the WHAS11 news team in September of 2003. She anchors the 5:30 p.m. news and reports for other WHAS11 newscasts. She has covered many stories in West Louisville over her time at WHAS11.

Sherlene Shanklin

Sherlene Shanklin is currently a multi-media editor for WHAS11 with more than 25 years of broadcast experience. She is a native of Louisville, Ky. who grew up in West Louisville.

EZ Bluegrass

EZ is originally from the Russell neighborhood in West Louisville. He was voted #2 radio personality in Louisville by The Leo Magazine in 2014. EZ is now on Magic 101.3 in the afternoon.

C.J. Daniels

C.J. Daniels has been a resident of West Louisville, particularly the Shawnee neighborhood for more than 35 years. Many of C.J.’s family members originated from southern Indiana and Georgia but migrated to the areas such as Park DuValle (Southwick) and Little Africa, now known as Parkland, since the 1920’s. C.J. worked for non-profit organizations and Jefferson County Public Schools before joining the WHAS11 family in 2012. He says the area has seen an economic decline over the past two decades but believes the area will bounce back because it has plenty of potential. C.J. believes by continuing to reside in the area, it gives people hope that they can still be successful, live and thrive in a wonderful community.