LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Flooding from the Ohio River has affected many homes and businesses around Kentuckiana.

“It's filthy, nasty mud, which takes quite a few days of cleanup,” said Perry Herren who lives off of Riviera Drive and also owns a construction business that deals with restoring water damage.

“It's tough, cleanup is going to be tough, but they're built for it and all we can do is what we can do,” explained another neighbor, Chris Nowak, who also lives off of Riviera Drive.

The Center for Disease Control is urging the public to protect themselves when encountering floodwaters that could possibly contain sewage.

Some of the tips include:

- Keeping children and pets away from the affected area until cleanup has been completed

- Wearing protective equipment such as rubber boots, gloves and goggles

- Removing and discarding items that can be washed or disinfected (mattresses, carpeting, rugs, furniture, wall coverings, etc.)

- Drywall and insulation contaminated by floodwaters

“You're dealing with a lot of bleach, and a lot of really nasty mud and river water that came from who knows and has who knows what in it,” Nowak said, as he’s dealt with flooding in 2015, as well.

The CDC says to thoroughly clean all hard surfaces with hot water and laundry or dish detergent.

For more information and a full list of tips on cleaning up after flooding, click the link for more information.