LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) - A grieving Louisville family continues to search for answers in the murder of a young father. It's been two months since Brandon Hansford, 29, was shot and killed, less than a mile from his home in Pleasure Ridge Park. Saturday night, his loved ones held a vigil for him at Briargate Presbyterian Church, right around the corner from the crime scene.

“This is where they found him. This is where he took his last breath. This is where he was taken, just right over there,” the mother of Hansford’s son Kayla Pinales said.

Hansford’s family and friends lit candles and wrote messages to him on balloons, but they said the vigil wasn’t just for him.

“We’re not just lighting a candle for Brandon, but we are lighting a candle for all of the other murder victims, too. Our family goes through the same thing that their family is. We relive it every time we see it on the news,” Pinales said.

Shortly after Hansford's murder, WHAS11 uncovered documents that show he filed an emergency protective order against a man he said was stalking him. That happened less than a month before he was killed. Police are still investigating the case, but haven't said if that man is a suspect. Hansford’s family said they haven’t gotten any information or updates on where the investigation stands.

“We feel like we’re not getting any answers, and it’s just getting more and more tough on our family. We feel it every day. It’s been very tough, but we’re understanding because just look every time you turn on the TV. It’s someone is gone, two people gone, three people gone, the 14-year-old, the 18-year-old,” Pinales said. “We understand, but we also just don’t want to be forgotten, and we don’t want him to be forgotten. We don’t want him to be forgotten. We want his face everywhere. We want whoever may be sitting at home watching it who did it to see that he’s not going to go away, and neither are any of the other families.”

“If we could just get something, you know. If anybody knows anything whether it’s heard something, saw something that night or even heard something yesterday, just call in. Come forward, that’s all we’re asking you to do,” Hansford’s cousin Tausha Johnson said.

Weeks have passed since Hansford’s death, but it's as if time stands still. The pain doesn't sting any less, it just becomes a little more familiar.

“It’s been two months, and we want to see and hear memories and smiles instead of the constant tears all of the time,” Pinales said. “He was that one person who could make you smile when you were having a bad day. You didn’t even have to know him.”

Hansford may be gone, but a piece of him is still very much alive. His son, Parker, just turned four on August 12, less than a month after his dad was killed.

“Parker is our little bit of Brandon that we have left,” Pinales said.

“He looks just like him, talks just like him,” Johnson said.

At the vigil Saturday, Parker said multiple times “my daddy is in heaven.” He got to release the first balloon and told the balloons to hurry up to his daddy. Pinales said her son is taking the loss especially hard.

“Every day is a constant battle. When I go to daycare with him, it takes 20 minutes to leave because he’s terrified that I’m not going to come back like his dad. I have to tell him every day that mommy will always come back for you,” Pinales said. ”Every night before bed, we tell the picture of his dad how much we love him and we miss him. Parker kisses it. I take a picture of Brandon with us everywhere so Parker can talk to him. Parker’s first soccer game was today, and he didn’t have his dad there cheering for him. So, he had to tell the picture.”

Anyone with information on Hansford’s murder is urged to call 574-LMPD.