LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – A small hole, not much bigger than a golf ball, has served as a smuggling tunnel in Nelson County for months, according to Jailer Dorcas Figg.

Jailer Figg told WHAS11 News she first noticed it three months ago when she saw a man run across the yard on her security cameras. She said it was sealed the next day, but inmates found a way to break through it, again, five more times.

The hole leads to a cell that holds at least ten inmates. The cell is a medium security cell. There’s a clear path from the road to the cell and there is no fence to keep people out.

Jailer Figg told WHAS11 News that will change soon. She said she’s working to get a fence up, but no date has been set.

A viewer emailed WHAS11 News worried this might be dangerous, especially for guards, if weapons could fit through that tunnel.

Jailer Figg said that’s not likely, and believes the hole is too small to fit any weapons. She did explain, however, that she’s heard inmates talk about sliding cigarettes and tobacco through.

The hole was sealed on Tuesday for a sixth time with concrete, instead of a fast-drying cement used before.

Jailer Figg told WHAS11 News she's hoping this will be a more permanent fix.