LOUISVILLE (WHAS1) -- Heine Brothers’ Coffee will be moving their headquarters to the Portland Warehouse District, another positive step for the revitalization of West Louisville.

The local coffee shop, which opened its first store in 1994, will be using the building at 1301 W. Main Street for their corporate office, roaster, warehouse and training center. Heine Brothers’ Coffee plans to use 16,000 square feet of the 40,000 square foot building, leasing 24,000 square feet.

“We decided we wanted to be part of a neighborhood where good things were happening, ideally in a neighborhood that was maybe under served and that was ready for a little more development,” Mike Mays, co-founder and president of Heine Brothers’ Coffee, said.

Mays said he was originally looking at the Smoketown neighborhood, but once he found the building at 1301 W. Main Street, he knew he found a perfect fit.

“It’s a 100-plus year old warehouse with great bones, great light and with all the great activity happening in Portland, and the fact that it’s west of 9th street, it came quickly that this is where we want to be,” Mays said.

Developer Gill Holland has been lobbying for businesses to make the Portland neighborhood their home, touting the area’s bright and up-and-coming future.

“We think we can help revitalize and bring a lot more people and businesses to the Portland neighborhood in the next 10 years,” Holland said.

He added, “Portland has a great history and we’ve been working with a lot of great neighbors and families that have been here for many generations and try to stimulate new business and new investment in the historic Portland neighborhood.”

Heine Brothers’ Coffee hopes to begin renovating the building in late spring and be moved in by September 2016.