HANOVER, Ind. (WHAS11) -- The professor of theatre at Hanover College now at the center of his own scandal.

Jim Stark was barred from campus in the past week after school officials say he made a reported threat to staff and others.

“He shouldn't have been on campus past 2016 as far as I was concerned,” said Rebecca Trout who used to work at Hanover College

Trout says she was a costume designer in Hanover's theatre program. She says Stark threatened her and others.

“He had on more than one occasion made threats with weapons,” said Trout.

She says his threatening behavior started 2 years ago.

Court records show Stark is now facing an intimidation charge from an incident in 2017. He was arrested this week. Witnesses say he made the statement in a local hospital "what if a person brought hand grenades into the ER, what would happen then?"

“After that incident when did he return to school?” asked WHAS 11’s Renee Murphy.

“The next morning,” said Trout.

We caught up with the President of Hanover College, Lake Lambert, to ask him if administrators had concerns about Stark's behavior prior to the past week. I asked Lambert to talk to us after a court hearing Tuesday in Jefferson County, Indiana about Starks reported threats.

Lambert declined a comment.

Stark declined to comment as well.

Prosecuting attorney David Sutter said an agreement was reached in court for authorities to keep Stark's weapons.

“Why was it important for you guys to keep the firearms?” asked Murphy.

“Community safety is always important in light of everything going on right now. We wanted to make sure Hanover police retained those firearms,” said Sutter.

President Lambert filed this statement with the court saying "I fear for my safety."

So does Trout - she's filed a protective order too.

“Hopefully this will keep him away from me in the community.”

Another hearing is set for June to determine if Stark can get his weapons back.