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Governor Beshear recommends masks to be worn in public, here's what you should know

Business can refuse service to anyone not complying.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — By now, you've heard the newest requirement dropped on Kentuckians by Gov. Andy Beshear. Kentuckians should wear facial masks to protect against COVID-19 when they go anywhere in public. 

As businesses are allowed to reopen, owners should require employees wear a face mask while working, Beshear added.

What happens if you don't wear a mask inside a business? 

Business owners could refuse service to anyone not complying, Beshear says. 

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Here's what people are wondering about the new guideline:

  • Is the requirement enforceable by law?
  • Will police or authorities get involved?
  • What punishment awaits those who refuse to wear one?

If you have ventured out to any store or park lately, you may have noticed there's no consistency in people or employees wearing masks. The governor's new mandate will likely change that. 

WHAS11's Chris Williams capture video of people enjoying the day at Brown Park in St. Matthews. The video shows a lot of people taking advantage of this warm spring weather. It was a happy setting in this crazy coronavirus crisis. The park had natural sounds of normalcy with lots of playful laughter, smiles in open view and yes, a few masks to hide the joy.

Chris talked [from a distance] to a mother and her two daughters at the park enjoying lunch. Mom says she wears a mask on store trips and fully supports their use.

Former Jim Beam Master Distiller Jerry Dalton says he is for anything that will help return some normalcy.

"I think, for me, I'd rather put on a mask and suffer a little inconvenience like fogging up my glasses than run the risk of infecting somebody. And I realize that I'm more protecting other people than myself actually, but I'm ok with that.”

Many on social media say they would wear them, just to bring back the sense of normalcy. Some are not so sure.

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