LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The scene from Sky11 shows the extent of the wreckage - cars flipped over, some badly damaged, semis involved and even drivers trapped. One woman who saw it all didn't hesitate to take action.

"To make him know he wasn't alone - make him feel, you know, that I was with him. That he wasn't going through this by himself," a tearful Chelsea Newcomb said.

Her instincts were to help save a life. "The man was just hanging out of his car and everything was on fire," she recalled.

Newcomb was getting on I-65 Monday morning when she saw the inferno. She ran toward it and noticed a man severely burned, barely breathing.

Chelsea Newcomb
Chelsea Newcomb

"It was just gasping. I was trying to count it and it was mostly every 8 seconds he'd take a gasp trying to breathe," Newcomb told WHAS11 News.

She helped pull him to safety, but later learned he did not survive. KSP has not released the man's name.

"It's hard knowing that it's not okay," she said.

"It was so surreal," Rick Day said. He was also on the interstate, stopped because of an earlier crash. He got out to help when he noticed another vehicle was heading toward him.

"It was like a meteor rushing past," Day described. He dove over the barricade – his red truck getting the brunt of the impact.

Rick Day
Rick Day

"Once in a while I just shutter thinking about the possibilities," he said. Day's arm is now in a sling. He escaped serious injury. Newcomb, who lost her brother in a crash four years ago, said she needed to be a calming voice because she knows the pain of losing a loved one. She wants the man's family to know she prayed for him.

"I just want them to know that I tried to make him as comfortable as possible," she said.