LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The FoodPort is no longer and now West Louisville community members are moving full speed ahead and not looking back.

“Rebrand the 24 acres so it is no longer thought of as the FoodPort but it actually serves to represent the West Louisville Community,” West Louisville Community Council member Ramona Lindsey said.

It’s still a mystery what the land would be used for, but the West Louisville Community Council and the Mayor say they want it to be just as beneficial as the FoodPort would've been.

“We've got to look to the future now and hopefully we'll find a good use for that property,” Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said.

The plan is create committees to figure out what to do with the land and the West Louisville Community Council is looking for people who are committed and motivated.

“We need lots of people who care about West Louisville, who live in all of the neighborhoods that represent West Louisville,” Lindsey said.

“We are resilient, and we are innovators, and we are just going to move forward,” she explained.

Moving forward, but not just with the 24 acre space on 30th and West Market. Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton is leading the way on another project for West Louisville to extend Waterfront Park past 10th Street and to Rowan Street.

“It's going to join downtown with Russell, with Portland, and bring entertainment and recreation to that part of the city,” the Councilwoman said.

This Wednesday night at the Waterfront Wednesday concert, park leaders will be showing the plans for the expansion to the public. The Lexington design firm will also be there to answer questions

Big projects like these don't happen overnight, but West Louisville is ready, and looking ahead.

“Look it's okay to think big about projects, sometimes they happen and when they don't the worst thing you can do is not get back up,” Mayor Fischer said.

To get involved, send an email to WLWC4ART@gmail.com.