LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Owsley Brown Frazier had a love of history and was proud to put his collection on display with the foundingof the Frazier History Museum. Even though he has passed, the museum will be well taken care of.

'We know that Mr. Frazier left us a generous gift. We just don't know the specifics. We are confident he has given us a solid foundation that we can continue to build upon,' said Krista Snider of the Frazier History Museum.

In Frazier's last will and testament he leaves his vast collection of weapons and artifacts to the Frazier History Museum. The collection includes Chief Geronamo's bow, President George Washington's long rifle and a double rifle from President Theodore Roosevelt.

The will does not reveal the money and who gets what; that is listed in a private trust. Still the museum says without revealingtoo many details they are confident Mr. Frazier will take care of the museum.

'The other parts of his estate that have not yet been revealed are what is in his trust . So that's where again we are confident we are going to get a generous gift but like everybody we do not know the specifics yet, 'says Snider.

Snider went on to say, 'For the current fiscal year, Owsley Brown Frazier contributed 45 percent for the operating costs. The museum says that has decreased significantly in recent years all because of the growing popularity of museum and corporate and community sponsorships.'

In fact, the museum raised $220,000 in corporate sponsorship for the upcoming Princess Diana Exhibit, it just completed a $700,000 renovation and tripled its membership. Still Mr. Frazier, whose influence is felt in every corner, will be missed and his passion here will live on.

'We are so proud that he got to see how successful we are becoming before he passed away,' says Snider.

You can view Owsley Brown Frazier's last will and testament by clicking here.