LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- In the decade since Elizabeth Brussow went missing she's become a grandmother and one of her daughters is expecting yet another grandchild. Ten years without being able to celebrate holidays with Brussow has taken a toll on her eight children.

“There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about my mom and wonder where she is,” said Linda Comstock. “It's been a struggle for my whole family.”

Comstock was 13-years-old when her mother disappeared.
While it's often said that “time heals wounds,” that's not been the case for the children of Elizabeth Brussow.

“We don't have anything,” said Alice Messer, Elizabeth’s daughter. “We've gone 10 years with no mother, no grandma. I mean, it's hard.”

Elizabeth’s last known address is an apartment in the shadow of the backside at Churchill Downs. The mother of eight had fallen on hard times. Still, police and her children insist that she always stayed in contact.

When Alice had not heard from Elizabeth in weeks, she went to the apartment and was confronted by a man she only knows as "John.” It was February of 2007. John handed Alice a bag of her mother's belongings and told an emotionless and cryptic tale.

“I asked him where she was at and he couldn't answer,” explained Alice. “Said that maybe he had seen her going into a semi-truck and that was it.”

Now police think foul play is involved.

Detective Anne Hogan of the Louisville Metro Police Department announced that she believes foul play is involved in Brussow’s disappearance.

Det. Hogan explained that a recent training is offering her new avenues to look into this and other Louisville missing persons cold cases.

Elizabeth Brussow’s children fear their mother will never be seen alive again. Regardless, they're begging for a clue, anything to crack this decade old cold case, an answer to the questions that have clawed at the soul of this family far too long.

“Someone has to know something,” pleaded Alice. “Someone's got to recognize her, someone's got to know who she is.”