LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- The President of the local Fraternal Order of Police is asking LMPD Chief Steve Conrad to hold off on his plans to reorganize LMPD, at least until November.

River City FOP President Dave Mutchler said he is hoping the chief will wait to see if Metro Council has room in the budget to fund more officers’ positions versus taking resources away from other areas and dismantling the Flex Platoons.

"It is specific to their division where they work, where they have the intelligence, they have the community relationships and they can go out and handle these problems, they are taking guns off the street, they're taking drugs off the street, you know just like our 9th Mobile Division does on a citywide basis. These guys are doing phenomenal work, specific to their division. They have the flexibility to be able to handle those in a proactive fashion,” said Mutchler.

Mutchler said the Flex Platoons serve an important role in their divisions doing things like narcotics investigations. He said this boils down to a manpower issue.

"If you take those detectives out of those positions and eliminate those units, you are going to be left with your street level beat officers and you know the run volume is very high, so they are going from run to run to call to call responding to calls for service and they are not going to have the same ability that a flex platoon is to concentrate on these complaints, narcotics complaints, drug complaints, gun complaints, whatever they might be," said Mutchler.

Mutchler said another issue the FOP has had for years is the city's way of providing special event details, where officers are pulled from other duties to provide security to private events.

Mutchler said he plans to be at Metro Council's Public Safety Committee Meeting on Wednesday afternoon to try to work towards a solution.