LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Crews at Farmington harvested the property’s first hemp crop in more than 150 years.

During its peak, Farmington was a 550-acre hemp plantation owned by the Speed Family.

This year, the crop returned to the site on Bardstown Road through Kentucky’s hemp pilot program.

The small plot was planted in May in an effort to educate guests about industrial hemp and the crop’s history in Kentucky.

"We're really focused on engaging people and the history and the lost heritage that basically brought Kentucky to where it is today. Hemp was historically a huge part of our economic growth in the early days and continued to be throughout the 1900's. And a lot of people are unfamiliar with that," Alyssa Erickson, United Hemp Industries, said. “The industry is expanding. We want people to be comfortable with it, we want people to understand what it is and how important this is and could be again.”

The crop will be used for demonstration purposes and will be made into products like bird feed and animal bedding. Those products will then be sold at Farmington and other local shops.

"I think for me and the sight it is really important to show the parallels of what hemp was used for traditionally and what it means for hemp in the future, not just for the crop itself but what it means for Kentucky having a new and viable cash crop and the future of the world with it being sustainable," Diane Young said.

Farmington plans to expand to growing an acre of hemp next year.

The harvested plants will be used for demonstration purposes and will be incorporated into a hemp product line.