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Family of missing Louisville mom, Andrea Knabel, determined to keep her search alive

Her family, still without answers about what happened to her, held a vigil Sunday in her honor.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Andrea Knabel has been missing since 2019 and flyers with her face still cover light poles across Metro Louisville. 

Now, 17 months since she first disappeared, her family remains determined to keep her name known, back out on Louisville streets to remind the community she is still missing. 

Andrea Knabel was last seen alive, before going missing on August 13th, 2019. Her family, still without answers about what happened to her, held a vigil Sunday in her honor. 

"We sought to pray for her, to create hope, to pray for the many many other families in crisis we've come across over the last nearly year and a half," Andrea's father, Mike, said. 

The single mother of two, 37-years-old when she went missing, was last seen heading from her sister's home to her mother's home in an Audubon Park neighborhood. 

"I know that Andrea would be out there helping anyone who is missing so I wanted to make sure I do my best for her and help to find out what happened and bring her back safely," Andrea's sister Erin, said. 

Mike said Sunday that Andrea's case is still active, with a potential sighting of her within the last three days. He said most of the sightings the family learns about are outside of the Louisville area. 

"We're still looking. We thought it was a credible sighting. The private investigators are looking," he said. 

Knabel's family previously told WHAS11's UNSOLVED team, they don't believe Andrea voluntarily walked away, but at this point they don't know if she's still alive. They're holding out hope that she is. If Andrea is still alive, her family hopes she hears their message and pleas for her to return home. 

"We don't care where you've been, what you've done, what kind of trouble you're in or not, it doesn't matter to us. You're my daughter, we love you, we would welcome you home with a celebration," Mike said. 

While the search continues, the now second annual vigil in Andrea's honor, aims to also bring hope to other families of missing individuals. 

"The thing that we fear the most is that with the time passing she'll be forgotten so making sure that we're taking action," Erin said. 

With an outpouring of support from the community as the Knabel family searches., they said that's what has kept them going. 

"We feel it, it strengthens us, and I think I myself would be a puddle on the pavement right now without it," Mike said. 

The family encourages anyone with information to come forward, saying tips from the public and the power of social media have helped in trying to track Andrea down. 

You can learn more about Andrea's case and other missing and murdered unsolved cases from our area by joining our Facebook page called "UNSOLVED- insiders."

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