LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Major concerns over two important buildings in the heart of downtown Louisville.

Metro Council hired an architecture firm last year to study LMPD's headquarters at 7th and Jefferson and the Fiscal Court building near 5th and Jefferson, which houses the Jefferson County Sheriff and the Jefferson County Clerk. The results: major disrepair.

“We're recommending based on best use that that building be demolished and replaced with new construction,” Richard Polk, EOP Architects, said.

Architects say the cost to repair both buildings would be more than $60 million. So the best option would be to start new. Budget committee chair Bill Hollander says he's not surprised by the results.

“We were actually told last year that facilities did not recommend we invest a dime into those buildings because they were pretty much past the point of being salvaged,” Councilman Hollander said.

Both buildings violate codes and standards. The Fiscal Building, which sits behind the mayor's office, exterior brick is falling off and LMPD headquarters has stress cracks in its exterior.

The architecture firm also presented a number of new building options--including a building for governmental use only--or on that would have mixed use with retail and residential space.

“I don't think we're rushing anything. With this kind of discussion, we just want to begin it and make the best decision for the taxpayers of Louisville,” Councilman Hollander said.

Funding for this type of project would not be included in this year’s budget.

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