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Eviction moratorium ending for renters, here's how to get help

Even though the eviction moratorium for renters is set to end, the eviction moratorium for homeowners with loans through USDA will not end until September.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — According to the Legal Aid Society, there are more than one hundred eviction cases set to be in court next week. This comes days after the federal eviction moratorium ends on Saturday, July 31.

"There are hundreds if not thousands of pending cases," said Stewart Pope, Legal Aid Society.

In the recent State of Metropolitan Housing Report, Louisville has continually surpassed national eviction rates.

Legal aid society officials say the biggest reason is due to not enough affordable housing and then adding in the pandemic has made it even harder.

"If an eviction has been filed they should contact the office of housing because they can process their request more quickly."

According to the Associated Press, Kentucky has $170 million in federal funds to help tenants in need make rent, utility payments. 

In February Governor Beshear mentioned the money would cover 15 months of rent.

Here in Louisvillefunds are still available for tenants and landlords.

"If they are willing to work with the tenant and metro government they can get all of the past due rent paid and three months future rent."

Even though the eviction moratorium for renters and those leasing is set to end this weekend, the eviction moratorium for homeowners with loans through USDA will be extended on September 30.

Resources for financial help

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Louisville Metro Resilience and Community Services

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