LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Authorities in Elizabethtown are warning the elderly of a possible scam in their area.

According to a Facebook post, the Elizabethtown Police say there appears to be a scam targeting seniors or anyone who receives social security.

They say the scammers claim that fines are owed, and the victim’s social security income will be frozen until the fine is paid.

Well, we didn't get very far into 2019 without needing another scam alert! This one appears to be targeting senior citizens or anyone on any type of social security income. The scammers are claiming...

Police believe the scam could be a foreign operation as they tell unsuspecting callers they are with “social services” and not the social security office which are not the same.

If you are contacted, do not give out any personal information and hang up.