LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- The cage next to the door in Thomas Dillander's home sits empty and the toys and bowls are left untouched on the table. They belonged to Sadie, a one-year-old husky mix, who was killed Saturday.

"She was just the perfect dog," Dillander said.

"It's hard seeing her stuff -- all of her favorite stuff," Mariah Powell, Dillander's girlfriend, said.

"It's hard walking through the door and not being greeted," Nick Baize, Dillander's roommate said.

Dillander said he welcomed Sadie into his life when she was three months old, having always wanted to have a dog of his own. He said Sadie quickly became part of his family.

"She was like a daughter. She was a daughter," Powell said. I'm going to miss her."

This past Saturday morning, Dillander said Sadie had gone outside in the backyard, but when he went to look for her, she had escaped. He said this was not the first time she had managed to find her way out, but that she would always stay close to the house.

"It was really cold. I was wearing a t-shirt and a hoodie," he said. "I grabbed her leash and her collar and took off running down the street trying to find her."

"We probably covered every alley and street for four square miles two or three times over," Baize said.

Becky Dever said she was driving with her two children on I-65 between the Crittenden Road and Watterson Expressway exits Saturday morning when she saw someone in a red car open the door and toss a dog out of the moving car.

"I tried to get out of the car to get her before she got hit, but before I got all the way out of the car, another had come really fast and had clipped her," Dever said.

Dever said she crossed four lanes of traffic to get the dog, whom she later learned was Sadie. She said she put Sadie in her car and started driving to get her help.

"I was going about 80 trying to get her there but we didn't get there in time," she said.

Dever said she took Sadie to Metro Animal Services, which is where Dillander's girlfriend found her, their search coming to a heartbreaking end. Now Sadie's family is looking for justice, hoping to find those responsible.

"I can't imagine what type of person it would take to be to do that, to be capable of that sort of cruelty," Baize said.

"I want them in jail," Dillander said. "I want them to never see freedom again."

Powell said she filed a police report about the incident on Monday. Sadie's family is asking anyone with information to contact police.