LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A search for safety in Shawnee had members of the community joining hands with police Monday night.

District 5’s Councilwoman Donna Purvis lead the way of her first peace walk after her constituents expressed frustration with recent violence.

“I don't mind getting dirty and being in the trenches of the community of being where I need to be,” Purvis explained.

She and community ambassadors walked alongside Second Division officers going door to door to try and make a difference.

“It just feels good to see them coming through and talking to people, and just hope, you know, sometimes people just change for a minute, and stop doing the craziness,” resident Dan Black said.

It was a summer of violence that pushed the effort to fruition. Sixty-six people have been killed in Louisville Metro this year. Almost half of those homicides happened over the summer, between June and September. Of the 27 people killed, 7 were teenagers.

“Enough is enough is enough,” said community ambassador and evangelist Nikki Cooper with Voice of Louisville. “We come here today to say you cannot have this territory.”

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Officers used the walk to build bonds and maybe get answers.

“They provide us an opportunity to interact with the citizens, where they may feel more comfortable sharing information with us,” Second Division Major Ryan Bates said.

The group also handed out ‘hot spot cards,’ which are an easy way to report crime without revealing who you are.

Councilwoman Purvis said though this was her first walk, it will not be her last. She hopes it will become routine.