LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- Five Metro Council members plan to announce they’ve taken the first step to remove Dan Johnson from the council Thursday. This comes two months after one council member and one legislative aide accused Johnson of sexual misconduct.

Johnson resigned from the Democratic Caucus in July after council members voted to expel him from the caucus.

Now, five council members are forming a charging committee, which will bring charges against Johnson during a trial-like process in hopes of removing him from his position. Those council members are Jessica Green, Angela Leet, Brandon Coan, Rick Blackwell, and Robin Engel.

Click here to see the charges the charging committee will file against Johnson.

081017 Charging Committee Document on Scribd

The removal process is outlined by state law and will follow due process. Both the charging committee and Dan Johnson will get a legal representative and file documents citing evidence to make their case.

That process is expected to last at least 30 days.

Council President David Yates will then create a “council court” inside the council chambers. The charging committee would operate like the prosecutor and Dan Johnson, the defendant. The rest of the Metro Council Members would sit in on the hearing and act as the jury. This hearing would be open to the public and typically lasts about a week.

Once both sides have presented their case, the council will go into closed door deliberations, and then will vote. Each council member, including the council president, will be allowed a vote.

Johnson is the third city council member to go through the removal process.

He is the longest serving elected official in Metro Louisville. His term is up in January of 2018.